Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A couple quick mentions-Freecycle and Sweeps site

It is late, so I'm going to let you know about a couple sites I really like.
First is the best sweepstakes site online. On this site you will find REAL sweepstakes and contests, not ones that make you go through a million survey questions for you to then find you really don't get anything at all. I hate those! It is worth it to register on this site, as then you have access to notes which often let you know if a certain sweep is worth your time or not. Read the forums, and introduce yourself! There are thousands of legitimate sweeps on this site, and lots of folks have won lots of stuff. So here is the link for the sweepstakes site:

The next site I'll mention tonight is a place where regular people give away stuff they don't want anymore! This is really neat because almost anything can be given. Once I furnished nearly all of my apartment with items I received here. Also, I have been able to easily get rid of extra stuff laying around my place! Some things I can gotten include: Violin for my daughter, clothing, furniture, cat litter. Some things I have given are: DVDs, VHS tapes, kids toys, clothing, furniture. I will give the link to the main site where you can find a group near where you live. There is a Yahoo group for almost every geographical location in the world! So join and find what you need and give what you don't! Here's the link:

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