Sunday, September 30, 2007

Win by searching?

Today I found a site that advertises winning prizes by searching. I have seen a few similar ones in the past but they were way too obnoxious to bother with. This one doesn't annoy me so far, so I'm giving it a try!
I am using it like I would use Google, doing searches like I normally would. So far I have found the results to be as good if not better than Google's. I can win entries into a drawing and other prizes they are giving away. Also, if I win then one of my friends wins the same thing-and vice versa! Join with me and lets see what happens!

Update 12/26/07- I have won alot of points on Winzy, but nothing else so far. I do know people who have won stuff, including Amazon GC's though, so I'm keeping on!

Win Free Prizes

My first blog

Well, I've finally decided to give this blogging thing a try! I spent some time thinking about what I wanted to blog about, and made a decision. I've read other blogs about making money with blogs, and blogs about lots of different ways to make or get money. I'm going to give it a try! This blog will detail my adventures in trying to make money online as well as getting things worth money. I will enter contests, sweepstakes, join Google Adsense, and do whatever else I can. Hopefully, my journey will net me more than enough to pay for my internet access, and perhaps even provide much needed funds for my child's education.

Oh, yeah-about me! I'm a 30 year old woman parenting my 10 year old daughter on my own. The divorce came about when she was 2, and was necessary as my ex broke my only rule-don't hurt the kids. So I struck out on my own, battling a disability and trying to do the best I can to provide my daughter with all she needs without any support from the ex. Oh, and I homeschool! Yep, even low income single disabled parents can do it!! As my disabling condition has improved, I'm working hard to open my own used bookstore in a small rural town. Any of us that live in the county have to travel at least 40 miles to get the the nearest bookstore! It will take a year or so, but will be worth it! So that is me in a nutshell, and I'll write more about our homeschool and goals later. My hope is that this blog will help my family reach our goals, and perhaps help your family reach yours as well!