Sunday, April 13, 2008

Today's Freebies April 13th '08

Here are a few of my late night finds:

Free Boot Camp- Austin Adventure Boot Camp is offering 1 free boot camp class for both men and women. Still Valid 7/1/08

Free hypoallergenic pillowcase- A pharmacy company is giving these away- when you sign up you agree they can contact you. If you don't mind that, enjoy the pillowcase! Expired 7/1/08

Free Video on Gun Safety

Educators can order up to 3 copies (free) of McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety.

Order your DVD

Update 7/1/08- The VHS version has been discontinued. You can order the DVD Version (still free!), which includes:
  1. McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety (grades K-6)
  2. It's Your Call: Playing It Safe Around Guns (grades 6-9)
  3. Firearms Safety Depends On You (general audience)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Free Comic Book May 3, 2008

May 3, 2008 is Free Comic Book Day! Participating comic book stores in North America will give away 1 free comic to customers on that day. Each store makes it's own rules.

Free Comic Book Day

Making Money Online by Working From Home

On my blog I have listed free stuff, survey sites, and other ways to earn money and Amazon GC's online. I have mentioned a few other ways to make money online, but haven't really gone into ways to work from home and make cash online.

Today I'll tell you about some ways to earn money online- actual money that will pay the rent. There is no easy way to make a lot of money (absent illegal activities) but you can make some- depends on how hard you work.

Associated Content- On this website you earn money by writing about anything you want, making and uploading videos and audio files. Some examples would be: How-To videos, audio files of written material, songs you create, original news reporting, poems, product reviews, TV show reviews, political rantings, ect. I have earned about $79. so far. They sometimes pay you a certain amount upfront for something you write, and even if they don't you get paid for page views.

DayTipper- This one is easy- you submit tips on any subject and if accepted they'll pay you. They have recently changed how much they pay, I think it is $1. per tip now. They will pay you via PayPal when they publish your tip on their site. I have earned about $10. here, and have only spent about 1/2 hour submitting tips.

ExpoTV-This site pays for your product review videos. Use your digital video camera, or even a webcam to make videos. I haven't made any for this site yet, so haven't been paid. I'm still learning the whole video camera thing :)

eHow- You can earn money by writing how-to articles and creating how-to videos. This one's on my to-do list.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pizza Hut Deals

Pizza Hut is my favorite pizza place! Ok, maybe that has something to do with the fact that they are the ONLY pizza place in town- but they are still better than BK. I have searched for coupons and codes and found a few worth mentioning. Also, you should know that I live in a tiny town that does not have online ordering- so when I order I just call and say I have such and such coupon code from online. They have never refused one yet!

Link to coupon for $3. off your order (no minimum purchase)- This coupon doesn't have an expiration date so just right click on the coupon, save image, and Voila! You can print this out anytime you want! Expired 7/1/08

List of coupon codes- This site is the best I've found for a list of coupon codes. Remember, just because a coupon has a low success percentage doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try- especially if you are ordering by phone! Update- Most of these won't work anymore, and most restaurants won't take coupon codes over the phone anymore either. 7/1/08

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Back to the basics- Free Stuff

Here are a few freebies I found today-

Canvas re-usable shopping tote

LED Keychain Flashlight- On right side of screen enter your email to sign up for the newsletter and you will get the flashlight. U.S. and Canada

Sign up for a free sample of ACTIV-FLEX™ Lightweight Cohesive Tape!

Metamucil- May have posted before, but what the hey! Free Sample

Enfamil A.R. Lipil- Try for free, printable coupon- needs doctor's ok

Brut- Free sample of aftershave

Almost free Spririt Jeans- This is essentially a rebate, but since it is jeans I figured I'd list it. You have to buy the jeans from their website, then print out the "try it free" certificate, send in the certificate with your paid invoice (receipt) and they will send you a refund check for the price of the jeans (but not the shipping).

Olay- Sample and offers promotion page. Free "Being a Girl" kit for pre-teens (Moms order)

Sensodyne- Free sample of Sensodyne or ProNamel toothpaste.

ACT Energy Drink- Free sample (It looks like they are looking for distributers)

Pringles- Consumers National Advisory Panel sign up- As a panel member, you’ll be among the first to sample new products and share your opinions.

What I am doing here

I have enjoyed posting this blog. The reason I started it was to make money online so I could stay home with my child (who I homeschool) and to have fun. Well, I have had fun! I enjoy finding free things and awesome deals online and posting them here. I really like having a space where people can find real free stuff.

Unfortunately, this blog as a money-making machine is a bust. Since I started this blog last Oct. or Nov. I have grossed exactly $0.89. Now I never expected to get rich or anything, but at least $20. a month would keep me going.

It takes a lot of time to find freebies and check them out to make sure they are legit. I spent at least 4 hours in January just for the Radon Awarenesss Month posts, as I noticed on other sites that people were having a hard time finding info for their state. Each day that I post a "today's freebies" post, I have spent at least an hour finding and posting the freebies. The longer the list of freebies, the longer I spent on it.

I really love doing this, but it takes up a lot of time that I probably should be using elsewhere online to make some money. I'm going to post a poll- please tell me what you think. Would you be willing to make a small PayPal donation to keep this blog going? Would taking the ads off the blog help?
I'll try to post more freebies in the coming weeks- please vote in the poll.