Saturday, November 24, 2007

Free for your pet

Your pets deserve free stuff too! I will update this post whenever I find more pet freebies!
(Links valid as of 12/26/07)

Dine With Your Canine- Dog: Free sample, several to choose from

The Pet Pantry (Maryland only)- Cat and Dog: Free 4 pound sample of food.

Natural Choice- Cat or Dog: Coupon for free bag of food. I have found this brand at PetSmart

Cesar Gourmet- Dog: Complimentary Cesar Gourmet

Greenies-Cat or Dog: Free treats!

Yappy Treats- Dog: Free treats. I have heard they send lots of spam, and some have not received a sample. This may be a good offer, or may not be.

Nature's Recipe- Dogs: Free Devoted Parent kit which includes:
• Educational dog care videos
• Diagnostic wheel to help diagnose common symptoms of food intolerance
• Sample of Nature’s Recipe® Farm Stand Selects®
• Pet relaxation music
• Informative dog health articles
• Great product discounts
• Helpful newsletters

Flint River Ranch- Cat or Dog: Pet food sample. You do not need to enter your credit card number if you are only ordering a free sample.

Benny Bully's- Dog: Treat sample!

Science Diet Nature's Best- Dogs: Free food sample. (Play the game to get your sample)

Colorado Pet Chef- Cat or Dog: Free food sample. Call 877-388-2604 (toll free) and request a sample.

Mighty Dog-Free can of dog food. You take a one page survey (easy and fast) to get your sample.

Dog Lover's Choice- Dog: Free sample of Extra Topping (Valid in U.S. only, all 50 states)

Majesty's Animal Nutrition-Dog or Horse: Free sample

A note about Pinecone Research Surveys

If you are a survey hound, you have likely heard of Pinecone Research. For those that don't know, the only way to become a member of Pinecone is to click on one of their banners, which are known for being elusive. The reason many of us wish to become members is because they pay $3. for each survey you qualify for and complete. It is against the rules for Pinecone members to tell people where to find their banners, so I won't. I may suggest certain websites that may be of interest to those looking for survey companies, wink, wink :) But first, there has been alot of chatter about Pinecone recently, so I thought I'd fill you in.

Pinecone chatter- It has been said that Pinecone is now looking for some specific types of people. Ages 18-24, male, any race excepting white. This doesn't mean you should forget it if you don't fit into that demographic. I am a 30 yr old female and I consider myself multi-ethnic. I get a couple survey invites each week. I have been paid several times since Oct. '07.

Websites of interest- I will go into more detail about some of these sites later, but here are some websites you may be interested in if you are looking for Pinecone banners:


Get paid to give advice!

If you are anything like me, you have plenty of advice to give but plenty of people who wish you would keep said advice to yourself! That's okay, because there is a website that will pay you $3.00 for each tidbit of advice you sell them! This is how it works: You submit a tip, they review it (rather quickly) and if they accept it they will publish it on their website and pay you. Out of my first 3 bits of advice I submitted they accepted one, but it only took me about 10 minutes to write all three so I don't mind. One thing to keep in mind though is that this won't make you any fast cash. They pay you when they publish it, and it could take them months to do this. I have heard from people who were published and they all were paid- just took awhile. So it is worth it to spend a few minutes every now and then to submit some tips, and one day you'll have a surprise check in the mail or cash in your PayPal!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free Amazon Gift Cards

 This is my most popular post, and is way overdue for an update. Updating May 5, 2011

This month I have earned several $10. Amazon gift certificates by doing surveys and signing up for websites. I love it! I can't use the money to pay rent, but I can buy nearly anything my family needs- including toilet paper! So I've decided to earn as much Amazon cash as I can. I am looking for survey and other sites where I can earn the gift cards, and have found several. Some I've mentioned already in my blog but I will list all those that offer Amazon codes here as well. Ill add to this list as I find more!
Note: Although I may give referral codes for some of these, please know that each site I list is legitimate and you do not need to refer anyone to earn your Amazon GC. (Though sometimes it helps you earn more :).
Updated 1/19/08
List of places you can earn Amazon money:

Survey Savvy- Survey site where you complete surveys. You can redeem your points for Amazon Gift Certificates. I like this one.

Datatelligence Online-Complete surveys to earn points to spend on Amazon GC's. This one is okay, I don't get many surveys but I know others who get alot.

Weekly Reader Insiders (Teachers)- This is a survey site for teachers. You do surveys for points, and can redeem your points for a $10. Amazon gift card. Can earn one in 1-2 days if determined. When you sign up, please give my referral code: OHSACADEMY193

Weekly Reader Insiders (Kids & Teens)- Kids and Teens can sign up here. You earn points for surveys that you can redeem for a $10. Amazon GC. Can earn one in 1-2 days. When you sign up, please use my daughters referral code: PONYF1RE454

Lightspeed- You can earn $10. or $20. Amazon GC. It usually takes me a couple months to earn, depends on how many surveys you take. You could earn in as little as a month. I received $10. Amazon code in Nov.'07.

Epoll- Earn Amazon gift codes. This is a new one for me, so not sure how long it takes. Update 12/26/07- I have not received any surveys from this site yet. Not worth joining, I think.

National Geographic Explorer Panel- For teachers: Join the panel! I joined and I think only answered one survey and got a $10. Amazon gift certificate in my email a week later. To join the panel they ask you about 10 survey questions. Took me about 4 minutes. Note-Sometimes you get an Amazon GC, and sometimes you get something else.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Excellent survey sites for the UK

I've been looking for survey sites that will allow me to earn Amazon gift certificates, and have found a couple good survey sites for you all in the UK in the process! Here they are:

Toluna- Right now you can't earn Amazon GC's at this site, but you can earn points to convert to ipoints that you can then use to get all kinds of things free! Also, when you register for ipoints you can earn more from them directly and they will tell you other places to earn the points. This survey site is the kind where you do surveys, polls, and write opinions for points. You can have a public profile like on MySpace and upload a picture and such. Worth signing up for, and making me wish I was a Brit!

Juicy Brains Panel- You can earn $10. Amazon GC's here, or you can choose a different reward. I signed up simply to check it out for my loyal readers, and the only problem I have found with this site is that it loads rather slowly-and I'm using broadband. Otherwise- go earn Amazon cash!

Lightspeed Panel UK- I am a member of the US lightspeed site, and I love it! I have received PayPal cash from them and I believe they also offer Amazon gift cards too!

If I find more great survey sites you can join in the UK, that are worth joining, I'll post them here!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Old Time Radio Shows

Tonight I watched Cold Case on CBS. The detectives solved a case from 1938 that occurred on the day of Orson Welles radio broadcast War of the Worlds. I looked it up online because I would like to listen to it, and found a website where I can download it and listen for free! Not only that, but this site has many of the radio broadcasts from The Mercury Theatre available for download as well-again, free!
NOTE- I think these old radio shows are great, so I will add links to sites that offer them for free.

The Mercury Theatre on the Air

Radio Lovers
This one only lets you listen online, has pop-up ads, and many stories are separated into parts. Not my favorite, but still worth a mention.

Scholastic Instructor Sweepstakes-Monthly

Scholastic has a monthly sweepstakes for teachers. Every month the prize is different! Go enter, and let me know if you win!

Scholastic Instructor Sweepstakes

GoodNights Boxers- Free Sample

My child was a bedwetter until she was almost 9, and Goodnights worked well for her. They are expensive, so a free sample would have been really nice! They have a new style-worth trying if your child needs them!

Update 12/26/07- No longer offering free sample. Now offering a printable coupon for $1.00 off.

Goodnights Free $1. off coupon

Contests for Kids

I have found a number of contests for kids, and I keep finding more. I will update this post when I find more contests for children, so keep checking back! I only list contests which are free to enter. I have a new post for contests for kids, updated for 2008. It is a large list and worth checking out. Look in the January 2008 archives and you will find the new contests for kids post!

Humphrey Drawing Contest
-Submit your favorite scene from a Humphrey series book, and you could win:

  • A visit to your school from series author Betty G. Birney
  • A gift certificate for your own class pet
  • A signed set of books for your classroom

  • Deadline- Entires must be postmarked by March 15, 2008 and received by March 31, 2008

    My Home, The American Dream Contest- Scholastic contest, for grades K-8. Prizes include cash and digital cameras. Deadline unknown, can still enter as of 12/26/07.

    Artist to Artist Contest- Submit your self portrait and be entered to win these amazing prizes! Open to U.S. Continental residents, ages 6-9. Deadline- January 4, 2008

    Expired Contests:

    Write Like Mike Contest-Acclaimed sportswriter Mike Lupica has high scores with his new book series about kids who blow the game wide open both on and off the field. One grand prize winner will have his or her sports column featured in Sports Illustrated Kids magazine, $1000 worth of sports equipment donated to their school, and their name written into a future Comeback Kid novel! Deadline- Entries must be postmarked by Nov. 12, 2007 and received by Nov.16, 2007

    Moment Magazine Publish-A-Kid Contest- We invite young readers to write book reviews. Winning entries will be published in the pages of Moment. And yes, there will be prizes, too! Deadline- December 7, 2007

    Carole Marsh Mysteries- This is a kid's contest, but must be entered by a teacher for the entire class. It seems they have a shortage of entries as they have extended the deadline. If you are a teacher, enter your students! Parents, tell your child's teacher about this one! Description-You and your students could become literary heroes! Award-winning children’s author Carole Marsh will select an entire class—and its teacher—to star in her upcoming children’s mystery novel The Creepy Crawly Classroom Mystery. To enter, teachers and students in grades 1–8 must submit an essay and photo. Deadline- December 31, 2007

    Winning Ideas Contest for Teachers

    Send your response to this month's Winning Ideas contest question along with photos of your idea, and you'll be automatically entered to win free resources from Scholastic.

    This month we're showing you how thankful we are for your Winning Ideas by offering a free gift to every teacher who posts an idea on the contest message board!

    Winning Ideas Contest for Teachers

    I'm going to get to work on my ideas today! It will be neat to see what other teachers come up with too.

    Free Book from Scholastic

    Scholastic is offering a free book right now. I'm not sure what book it is, but it seems targeted to toddler through pre-school age children. I usually like Scholastic's books, so it will probably be worth it!

    Little Scholastic Book Giveaway

    Free Autographed Picture of Drew Carey

    Drew Carey fans, Price is Right fans, and autograph collectors- This one's for you! You can mail or email a request for an autographed picture of Drew Carey, the new host of the Price is Right!

    Mail request to:

    The Price Is Right
    Price Productions
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Email request to:

    Kay Hooper Autographed Book

    This isn't a freebie, per say, but a great deal! Kay Hooper is one of my favorite authors, and so I have been searching for how to get an autograph. I found it! A bookstore in Kay Hooper's hometown offers autographed copies of her books. They don't charge extra for the autograph! You can request a generic autograph or a personalized autograph on any of Kay Hooper's books! So you just pay for the book you want, at regular price, and request the autograph. Awesome!

    Fireside Bookstore

    Saturday, November 3, 2007

    Teachers-Free $10. Amazon Gift Certificate

    I stumbled upon this one by accident, and I am thrilled! Weekly Reader has a new program this year called uBoost. Schools can sign up for a free subscription this year. You sign up your students and they can take a quiz for each issue of the Weekly Reader magazine you choose. They earn points by doing this which you can use for items for your classroom or incentives for students. Right after signing up I saw I had been given 2500 points which I could (and did) redeem for a $10. Amazon gift certificate. Save up your points and get 3 of them as any purchase over $25. at Amazon gives you free shipping.
    Homeschools- The offer doesn't specifically exclude your school, so go for it!

    Weekly Reader uBoost

    Update 11/22/07- It appears uBoost has run out of Amazon gift cards for now.

    Thursday, November 1, 2007

    Survey sites

    You may have seen ads online claiming you can make hundreds or thousands just by sitting at your computer and answering surveys. And you only have to pay $39.95 for a list of the companies to register with!! That is bunk. You don't need to pay a thing to join a survey company, and you sure aren't going to make hundreds or thousands each month doing surveys. But it can be fun, and you can make a little money. I have tried lots of companies and found several I am happy with. When I have more time I'm going to check out some others, but for now here are my top choices:

    Lightspeed Panel- You earn points for completing surveys and can use them to get gift certificates, PayPal cash (which you can deposit into your bank account), and other items. I have received $25. to my PayPal account as well as gotten to review 2 new air freshener products. I didn't get to keep the products, but had my house smelling fresh for a month for free!

    Pinecone Research- You get paid by PayPal or check for completing surveys. I have been with them a little over a month and have already received a check. The only way to sign up with this coveted company is to click on one of their banner ads, which they run every few months. I have seen their banners at on several occasions.

    SurveyPolice- This isn't a survey website, but a website that will tell you about most, if not all, of the survey companies online! You can find out which are legitimate, what other folks think of them, and more! I recently found this site, and of course it is free! A must visit for newbies!

    Free Magazines

    I wanted to write about where your could get free issues of your favorite magazines, so I started doing some research. From checking out free sites, I thought there would be a few, but not many. I was so wrong!! After searching Google I found lots- I ended up filling 10 pages in my word processor and I am still searching! I decided rather than post that many magazine freebies here I would start a new blog just for those. I started the blog, and am organizing the magazine samples, free trials, and free subscriptions by subject. So if you want free magazines, check out my Free Magazines blog and keep checking back because I will add to each category as I find more magazines!