Sunday, October 28, 2007

In My Mailbox

This month I have received several free items in my mailbox! I will include links where appropriate so you can order them too!

-Hormel Foods. 3 coupons for $2. off any Hormel Product. I received these coupons after calling to complain about a new product I had purchased. They were microwave meals and the food smelled strongly of plastic, even when taken out of the container to heat. I was unable to eat them because of possible plastic toxicity.

-Quaker Oatmeal. 4 coupons for $4. off any Quaker product. I received these coupons after calling to complain when I found the remains of a bug in my instant oatmeal. Ugh! Great customer service though, and these coupons will come in handy!

-Lewis and Clark Poster set and Study Guide. I ordered this online for the Lewis and Clark unit we are doing in our homeschool. This is an excellent set! About 10 full size, color posters and a neat study guide to help me teach the unit! This is for teachers (homeschool and traditional) and priority is given to grades 5 and 6 teachers. This excellent set didn't cost me a penny!

-Scholastic Magazine Samples. Scholastic produces a bunch of magazines for the classroom on a variety of subjects! The samples are great- I was able to look them over and show my daughter so I know which ones will work best for us in our homeschool.

-K'NEX Free Sample. I ordered a free sample from K'nex for my daughter- it was a small package with K'nex to build a little car! She has already built a couple other things using them. This is a really neat freebie! [Sample offer is over 3/08]

-Greenies Sample. I ordered a free sample from Greenies (my cats love these!). I received Roasted chicken flavor for cats- a fairly good size sample!

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