Thursday, December 27, 2007

Win a $10. Amazon Gift Certificate HERE

Ok, so I've decided to host my own sweepstakes here! Just send me an email at to enter. The entry Deadline is Febuary 28, 2008. I will be using a randomizer to choose the winner. I will email the winner by March 10th and you must respond within 10 days to claim your prize or I will choose another winner.

-Entry must include your full name, year of birth, and an email address I can contact you at.
-One entry per person. Multiple family members may enter with separate email addresses.
-You must be at least 10 years old to enter.
-If you are under 18 years old, you must have parent/guardian's permission to enter and provide an email address for your parent/guardian so I can confirm you have permission.
-If you are a parent/guardian entering on behalf of your child, let me know
-Prize will be awarded as an Amazon gift code worth $10. sent to your email address.
-Please direct any questions to
-Winner will be posted on my blog within 30 days of prize claim
My privacy policy- By submitting your entry you agree I can contact you if you win. You will not be contacted by me for any other reason. Your information will not be given or sold to any other entity. After winner has been chosen, I will delete all information received from entrants.

Free 2008 Calendars

This is my free calendar section! I will keep adding to this for a while.

Free 2008 Calandars- Borrowed list of several places you can get your free calendar!

AT&T Alascom- (Alaska) Order your free 2008 Calendar

Pennsylvania Lottery- Free 2008 Calendar featuring Gus

Unity On Sacred Ground Calendar

The Henna Page- Download your free 2008 Calendar or email and she'll send it to you on CD

Damsels in Success- Free calendar for students

Turkey Hill Calendar- Free 2008 Calendar

13 Moon Pocket Calendar

Freebie Finds Dec.27,2007

Here are today's freebie finds! I'll be updating this off and on throughout the evening.

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

Free Women's Thong Panties- Isolde Lingerie is giving these away as a free gift. Follow the directions on the website.

Marlboro Snus (Dallas/Fort Worth only)- Marlboro is giving away a free pack of Snus (smokeless tobacco). Click Register Now and follow directions. You must verify you are over 21, and it can all be done online.

New York Times- Free 3 month subscription, good in all U.S. states. Enter code NYTE-XYZ4
Expires March 1,2008

Zaxby's- One free Meal Deal for signing up for the Z-Mail Club. "Zaxby's is growing quickly, but is currently only located in the following ten states – AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA. So although we may not have hatched near you yet, by joining our club and being a special member, you will know when we do!"

Head & Shoulders Shampoo- "Receive a free sample ofHead & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care or Smooth & Silky."

Glucerna Cereal- One free box. Receive a coupon in the mail.

JuicyJuice- Free Sippy Cup when you register (or are already registered).

Blogs updated with new entries today:

Free for your pet

Canadian Free Stuff Sites

While doing a Winzy search I found several good freebie sites that are country specific. I'll update this post as I find more Canada specific sites. Here are good sites to visit if you are looking for Canadian freebies:

Canadian Free Stuff

Great UK Freebie Sites

While doing a Winzy search I found several good freebie sites that are country specific. I'll update this post as I find more UK specific sites. Here are good sites to visit if you are looking for UK freebies:

Bob's Free Stuff Forum

Frugaller Forum

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today's Freebie Finds Dec.26,2007

Today I checked every link in my blog, from the begining. All links are valid as of today. Enjoy these new freebies!

Shape Magazine- Free subscription. I hear it is for 3 years, but that is not confirmed. When I signed up, the address field allowed only letters and numbers.

Arbor Day- Free educational posters, booklets, and brochures. No shipping costs!

Goat Milk Sample- Free sample of powdered goat milk from Dr. William Sears (Supposed to be good if you have cow milk allergies)

U.S. Army Messenger Bag- Free Army interactive DVD and messenger bag. A recruiter will contact you to answer any questions you may have. (My question- Any single soldiers nearby?)

Awakening- Energy nutritional supplement free sample

Celine Dion Parfums-Free sample of "Enchanted"

Club Red- (Virginia residents only) While supplies last, you'll receive a monthly e-newsletter, a welcome package - a stylish silk scarf - and you'll find a wealth of information on fitness, food and health.

Danzante Wine Charms- Danzante, the art of faking Italian. A short, fun quiz then fill out the form to receive your free wine charms. (Must be legal drinking age)

Dove Energy Glow and Calming Night- Free sample, form in spanish. Recibe tu muestra gratis!

Neu- Free sample of hand souffle creme or salt scrup hand puree. A good one to try at the begining of the month as they give out a limited number of samples each month.

Sharps container for diabetics- Order your free Sharps container. This is a good thing to have if you are diabetic or use needles for any medical condition. Your family and housekeeper will thank you! (From a housekeeper of a diabetic- I hated finding needles in the trash!)

Coffee Mug- Free coffee mug, answer quiz and submit.
Quiz answers:

Monday, December 17, 2007

UK Freebies

While surfing the web I have come across several freebies available only to UK residents. (Please keep checking this post. I post all UK freebies here when I find them) Here they are:
All links valid as of 12/26/07

Win tickets to 02 concerts- Enter sweepstakes to win a set of tickets.

Pretty Polly Tights- Free Pretty Polly Tights, just enter code: gb0480zch

Trophy Pet Food Sample- We will be delighted to send you 1 free sample per pet, per household, up to a limit of 3 free samples (dog or cat). You can read about the different foods in our range by visiting the appropriate sections within our site. 1 set of 3 per household only.

Kindegard Indoor Hinge Safety System- Free sample, good if you have little ones.

Free Tape Measure- Children's Warehouse is giving away a free tape measure.

Lanacane- Free chafing gel sample. Asks a few survey questions but is from the actual company.

Avery Identification Labels- Choose from 3 free sample packs

Today's Freebies Dec.17

Here are my freebie finds for today:
All links valid as of 12/26/07

Enfamil- Free diaper bag, Enfamil feeding kit (free formula), formula coupons

Enfamil Nutramigan Lipil- "Clinically proven to reduce colic in 48 hours". Coupon for free sample.

Walmart Free Samples- Today I see: Friskies Cat food, Dove Hair Care, Huggies, Nutrasweet, Ciba Vision contact lenses. These change frequently so check often!

Next to Nature Constipation Relief- This is a snail mail request for a sample. Promises natural, fast constipation relief though :)

MeloSleep- Natural sleep aid, free 7 day sample. Good through Dec. 31, 2007 (shipping charge added after that date)

Kotex- Free ultra thin ultra compact pad with wings sample

Metamucil-Berry Burst free sample

7 Essentials- Meal replacement sample. Short survey (took 1-2 minutes), but you agree they may call you even if you are on the "do not call" list.

Astroglide- Free sample, request online or via telephone.

Dove Hair Care- Choose from 4 free samples

Hamburger Helper- Free sample of Microwave Singles

Airborne Health- Free sample of Airborne On-the-Go

Lawyers USA Free 6 week subscription

Lawyers USA is offering a free 6 week subscription which includes both the print version and access to online content. Great for law students too!

Lawyers USA

For other free magazine offers, visit my free magazine blog HERE. I don't update it as regularly as I do this one, but if I have more interest than I will update more often.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Various Freebies for Dec.16

Today I am finding several freebies, so I'll list the rest of today's finds here!

"Give Wildlife A Break" Bumper Sticker

Snowmass Poster- Full color 2 sided poster, a freeride skier on one side and snowboarder on the other side.

Purex- Free sample

Free 1 year subscription to Execution Magazine

First 10,000 qualified (probably readers who fit their target audience) will receive a free 1 year subscription to Execution Magazine.

Execution Magazine

Chicago White Sox Kids Club

Sign up your kids for free! Limit of 5 memberships per family.

Slugger memberships – Free! (click link, then scroll down for free membership option)
Sluggers receive:
Official Membership Certificate
Official Welcome Post Card from Manager Ozzie Guillen
Baseball Cards (set of six) featuring current White Sox Players
White Sox Temporary Tattoos - New for 2008!
White Sox Kids Club Poster
Two (2) ticket coupons redeemable for Upper Reserved seat tickets to Regular-priced games (excludes Prime, Premier and Sox/Cubs games during the 2008 season)

Reusable Oceana Chico Bag

The bag is very cute! From the website:
Thanks for your interest in joining one of the world's largest groups of marine advocates – Oceana's WaveMakers. You'll receive email updates and opportunities to push for changes that will help save sea turtles and other ocean creatures.

After you enter your verification code* below and successfully sign up, we'll send you a reusable Oceana Chico Bag, so you can start making a difference for the oceans right away by helping reduce the amount of plastic bag waste. The average American discards hundreds of plastic bags every year. Many of them will end up in the ocean, where hungry sea turtles often mistake them for food.

Oceana Chico Bag

Enter this verification code:

You will need to confirm your email address after signing up, don't forget :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Free hat or coffe mug

Express Bit and Blade is offering a free hat or coffee mug for filling out their survey. It took me about 90 seconds to complete, so it is easy!

Free hat or mug

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Free DVDs for Teachers/Homeschools

These free DVDs are available for both traditional and homeschool teachers.

Stossel in the Classroom- 2 available- Hype and Consequences, and 2007 Edition. Region 1, English subtitles Choose from their selection of DVDs. You can get 1 DVD every year you teach. 12/26/07- Have received my DVD. Awesome!

Classroom Aerosol Adventure Kit- Kit includes video "It's okay to spray". Scroll to the bottom to request by mail.

Legend of the Water Horse Educator Kit

The Water Horse- We have a limited number of kits that include a copy of the book, a study guide with a mini poster and a classroom set of bookmarks that you can order. Please fill out the information below to receive your kit. When we run out of books and bookmarks, we will send out the study guide as long as supplies last. Update 12/26/07- No longer available. Free downloadable materials are available on the site though.

Mouse Pad Freebies

It is always good to keep an extra mousepad handy- or replace your worn out one! Check out the following to get a free mouse pad!

RSI Power

Mousepad for Realtors

Mousepad for Kids in Virginia

Mousepad in Valrico, Florida

Greeting Card Samples

You can use these to send to people, make gift tags, or whatever your imagination comes up with! Here is a list of sites where you can get free sample greeting cards!
Enter the site. click on the star to make a card your favorite and then click "go to favorites" and request samples.
Find the item numbers of the ones you want. go to "request info" and enter up to 5.
Write down a few item #s of the ones you want samples of and email your request to with the subject line "Sample_Request".
You can "shop" for the cards you want. click on the card to go to the info page and click on "request sample" that's really small under the picture. it adds it to you shopping cart and you can "checkout" when you've decided you have enough.
Same as above.
MY FAVORITE. they come fast, and you get fancy envelopes...oh, and you can get 10 per day...and they INVITE you to come back for more samples directions same as the others above
Same as above
The request form is on the main page on the left if you scroll down a little.

Freebies for Dec. 6, 2007

Today's freebie finds for you to enjoy!

Pall Mall Cigarettes- Coupon for a free carton of Pall Mall cigarettes. Viceroy quit making their cigarettes so is offering a free carton of Pall Malls. You must be 18 or over, of course. Call 1-866-909-8769 and tell them you're a smoker and want the free coupon.

Pall Mall 4 free packs- Sign up, send them 4 UPC's of any brand of cigarettes, and they'll send you four free packs. 18 and over. Click on Trial Offer.

Free Taco Seasoning- Sign up for a newsletter (cancel later if you want) and they will send you a free sample of Old El Paso Taco Seasoning, a recipe booklet, and Fresh Dinner Ideas.

Curves Cereal- Sign up for a newsletter (cancel later if you want) and receive a free sample.

Tampax- Free Sample

Nutrasweet- Free sample from Walmart

Garnier Fructis- Free sample from Walmart

Dove Hair Care- Free sample from Walmart

Sam's Club- Variety of samples, but must enter membership number.

SkinWear USA- Free sample of hand sanitizer. Offer changes periodically.

Parent's Choice Formula- I have heard they send a full day's supply of baby formula.

Slim Fast- Style your Slim challenge. Enter the Red Carpet Sweepstakes and receive a starter kit for free. Retail value of kit is $30.

HomeBrewer- Samples for wine and beer brewers

Reynolds Parchment Paper- Free sample. Be sure to read their privacy (ahem, lack of privacy!) agreement carefully. I passed this one up after reading.

The Button Store- CANADA only- Free sample pack

Beechnut Bowl- Free cereal bowl, also may send rice cereal sample.

Hot Guys Soap Calander- From ABC television. Send an email to:

Free Coke and Koozie- I have tried for this twice. Once was in May maybe and nothing came. I tried again on Dec.6th, the day I posted this here, and I have already received a coupon for 1 Coke and 1 Coke Zero and a Koozie! Very Awesome! On the claim form I got a bit creative and perhaps that helped.

Free Mousepad- Fill out form to request a mousepad. Your choice of 3 patriotic themes.