Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Freebie Site

As you may know, many so called "freebie" offers are not really free. Some are just plain scams, some require purchase, some tell you to email 10 or more friends and get them to email 10 friends and so on. Some offers require a lengthy survey that never really ends or delivers massive spam to your email. I will never list that type of freebie in this blog. Most freebie sites do list these, but I found one that doesn't! This site lists genuine freebie offers and allows users to comment on the offer. So if someone finds it isn't a real freebie, you will know. The site seems fairly busy-today I have had trouble loading comments but everything I clicked was a good offer. So check this one out if you are a freebie hunter!

AbsurdlyCool Freebie Finder -- Automatically find the best freebies online!

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