Sunday, September 30, 2007

Win by searching?

Today I found a site that advertises winning prizes by searching. I have seen a few similar ones in the past but they were way too obnoxious to bother with. This one doesn't annoy me so far, so I'm giving it a try!
I am using it like I would use Google, doing searches like I normally would. So far I have found the results to be as good if not better than Google's. I can win entries into a drawing and other prizes they are giving away. Also, if I win then one of my friends wins the same thing-and vice versa! Join with me and lets see what happens!

Update 12/26/07- I have won alot of points on Winzy, but nothing else so far. I do know people who have won stuff, including Amazon GC's though, so I'm keeping on!

Win Free Prizes

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