Thursday, November 1, 2007

Survey sites

You may have seen ads online claiming you can make hundreds or thousands just by sitting at your computer and answering surveys. And you only have to pay $39.95 for a list of the companies to register with!! That is bunk. You don't need to pay a thing to join a survey company, and you sure aren't going to make hundreds or thousands each month doing surveys. But it can be fun, and you can make a little money. I have tried lots of companies and found several I am happy with. When I have more time I'm going to check out some others, but for now here are my top choices:

Lightspeed Panel- You earn points for completing surveys and can use them to get gift certificates, PayPal cash (which you can deposit into your bank account), and other items. I have received $25. to my PayPal account as well as gotten to review 2 new air freshener products. I didn't get to keep the products, but had my house smelling fresh for a month for free!

Pinecone Research- You get paid by PayPal or check for completing surveys. I have been with them a little over a month and have already received a check. The only way to sign up with this coveted company is to click on one of their banner ads, which they run every few months. I have seen their banners at on several occasions.

SurveyPolice- This isn't a survey website, but a website that will tell you about most, if not all, of the survey companies online! You can find out which are legitimate, what other folks think of them, and more! I recently found this site, and of course it is free! A must visit for newbies!

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