Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free Amazon Gift Cards

 This is my most popular post, and is way overdue for an update. Updating May 5, 2011

This month I have earned several $10. Amazon gift certificates by doing surveys and signing up for websites. I love it! I can't use the money to pay rent, but I can buy nearly anything my family needs- including toilet paper! So I've decided to earn as much Amazon cash as I can. I am looking for survey and other sites where I can earn the gift cards, and have found several. Some I've mentioned already in my blog but I will list all those that offer Amazon codes here as well. Ill add to this list as I find more!
Note: Although I may give referral codes for some of these, please know that each site I list is legitimate and you do not need to refer anyone to earn your Amazon GC. (Though sometimes it helps you earn more :).
Updated 1/19/08
List of places you can earn Amazon money:

Survey Savvy- Survey site where you complete surveys. You can redeem your points for Amazon Gift Certificates. I like this one.

Datatelligence Online-Complete surveys to earn points to spend on Amazon GC's. This one is okay, I don't get many surveys but I know others who get alot.

Weekly Reader Insiders (Teachers)- This is a survey site for teachers. You do surveys for points, and can redeem your points for a $10. Amazon gift card. Can earn one in 1-2 days if determined. When you sign up, please give my referral code: OHSACADEMY193

Weekly Reader Insiders (Kids & Teens)- Kids and Teens can sign up here. You earn points for surveys that you can redeem for a $10. Amazon GC. Can earn one in 1-2 days. When you sign up, please use my daughters referral code: PONYF1RE454

Lightspeed- You can earn $10. or $20. Amazon GC. It usually takes me a couple months to earn, depends on how many surveys you take. You could earn in as little as a month. I received $10. Amazon code in Nov.'07.

Epoll- Earn Amazon gift codes. This is a new one for me, so not sure how long it takes. Update 12/26/07- I have not received any surveys from this site yet. Not worth joining, I think.

National Geographic Explorer Panel- For teachers: Join the panel! I joined and I think only answered one survey and got a $10. Amazon gift certificate in my email a week later. To join the panel they ask you about 10 survey questions. Took me about 4 minutes. Note-Sometimes you get an Amazon GC, and sometimes you get something else.


Anonymous said...

does survey savvy offer amazon gift cards

I Think I Can said...

I had to check, I haven't been real active with Survey Savvy lately. They do not do Amazon GC's anymore. They instead pay cash, or rather will mail a check to you. They are a good company- I have not had any problems with them. Please click below to join Survey Savvy!

Maryanne said...

I don't know if you know this website, but you can earn Amazon GCs with it.

It's called Swagbucks, and it's a search and earn site. You search online with the swagbucks search engine (which uses results from Google and Ask) and get swagbucks. Swagbucks come in 1, 2, 5, and 10 amounts. Swagbucks are awarded randomly when you search. Swagbucks can be redeemed for prizes. Amazon giftcards are 45 swagbucks. The only bad thing about Swagbucks is that it's slow to earn points without any referrals.

I signed up three days ago, and I have 29 swagbucks and one refferal. That pretty good for only one referral. You earn 100% of your referral's earning, excluding sign-up bonuses and all that.

You can check this website for more infomation:

If you're interested, if you could sign-up under me, I would be so greatful (I want my darn Amazon GC already!)

Anonymous said...

wheres the amazon gift card on uboost

I Think I Can said...

Things have changed at uBoost- uBoost and WRinsiders have merged and are now one site. Log in to At the top click on the tab that says "rewards". Then on the left under Gift Certificates click on "Books and Media". You'll find the Amazon GC's there. Another note- don't enter the auctions for Amazon GC's. You'll end up using more points for them that way.

A New Life For Jess said...

I'm surprised SwagBucks isn't on here. I have found it to be the best so far-use their search engine, do a poll etc. and get points, that you can trade in for gift cards (I probably do very little compared to most people and I earned 2 $5 cards this month):
(I even get points if you use my referral link to sign up!)

Mindy said...

Crowdtap is another great site, I have made over thirty dollars there. Please check it out!

twister said...

You earn 5 to 15 points per survey, there is a survey per week, when you get to 50 points, you can redeem a 5USD amazon GC. If you want, you can save and reedem at 10 up to 100 USD.

Ryan said...

I believe that is the fastest and easiest place to get Amazon gift cards and more.