Monday, November 19, 2007

Excellent survey sites for the UK

I've been looking for survey sites that will allow me to earn Amazon gift certificates, and have found a couple good survey sites for you all in the UK in the process! Here they are:

Toluna- Right now you can't earn Amazon GC's at this site, but you can earn points to convert to ipoints that you can then use to get all kinds of things free! Also, when you register for ipoints you can earn more from them directly and they will tell you other places to earn the points. This survey site is the kind where you do surveys, polls, and write opinions for points. You can have a public profile like on MySpace and upload a picture and such. Worth signing up for, and making me wish I was a Brit!

Juicy Brains Panel- You can earn $10. Amazon GC's here, or you can choose a different reward. I signed up simply to check it out for my loyal readers, and the only problem I have found with this site is that it loads rather slowly-and I'm using broadband. Otherwise- go earn Amazon cash!

Lightspeed Panel UK- I am a member of the US lightspeed site, and I love it! I have received PayPal cash from them and I believe they also offer Amazon gift cards too!

If I find more great survey sites you can join in the UK, that are worth joining, I'll post them here!

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