Saturday, November 24, 2007

A note about Pinecone Research Surveys

If you are a survey hound, you have likely heard of Pinecone Research. For those that don't know, the only way to become a member of Pinecone is to click on one of their banners, which are known for being elusive. The reason many of us wish to become members is because they pay $3. for each survey you qualify for and complete. It is against the rules for Pinecone members to tell people where to find their banners, so I won't. I may suggest certain websites that may be of interest to those looking for survey companies, wink, wink :) But first, there has been alot of chatter about Pinecone recently, so I thought I'd fill you in.

Pinecone chatter- It has been said that Pinecone is now looking for some specific types of people. Ages 18-24, male, any race excepting white. This doesn't mean you should forget it if you don't fit into that demographic. I am a 30 yr old female and I consider myself multi-ethnic. I get a couple survey invites each week. I have been paid several times since Oct. '07.

Websites of interest- I will go into more detail about some of these sites later, but here are some websites you may be interested in if you are looking for Pinecone banners:


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