Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Today's Freebie Finds Dec.26,2007

Today I checked every link in my blog, from the begining. All links are valid as of today. Enjoy these new freebies!

Shape Magazine- Free subscription. I hear it is for 3 years, but that is not confirmed. When I signed up, the address field allowed only letters and numbers.

Arbor Day- Free educational posters, booklets, and brochures. No shipping costs!

Goat Milk Sample- Free sample of powdered goat milk from Dr. William Sears (Supposed to be good if you have cow milk allergies)

U.S. Army Messenger Bag- Free Army interactive DVD and messenger bag. A recruiter will contact you to answer any questions you may have. (My question- Any single soldiers nearby?)

Awakening- Energy nutritional supplement free sample

Celine Dion Parfums-Free sample of "Enchanted"

Club Red- (Virginia residents only) While supplies last, you'll receive a monthly e-newsletter, a welcome package - a stylish silk scarf - and you'll find a wealth of information on fitness, food and health.

Danzante Wine Charms- Danzante, the art of faking Italian. A short, fun quiz then fill out the form to receive your free wine charms. (Must be legal drinking age)

Dove Energy Glow and Calming Night- Free sample, form in spanish. Recibe tu muestra gratis!

Neu- Free sample of hand souffle creme or salt scrup hand puree. A good one to try at the begining of the month as they give out a limited number of samples each month.

Sharps container for diabetics- Order your free Sharps container. This is a good thing to have if you are diabetic or use needles for any medical condition. Your family and housekeeper will thank you! (From a housekeeper of a diabetic- I hated finding needles in the trash!)

Coffee Mug- Free coffee mug, answer quiz and submit.
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