Thursday, December 6, 2007

Greeting Card Samples

You can use these to send to people, make gift tags, or whatever your imagination comes up with! Here is a list of sites where you can get free sample greeting cards!
Enter the site. click on the star to make a card your favorite and then click "go to favorites" and request samples.
Find the item numbers of the ones you want. go to "request info" and enter up to 5.
Write down a few item #s of the ones you want samples of and email your request to with the subject line "Sample_Request".
You can "shop" for the cards you want. click on the card to go to the info page and click on "request sample" that's really small under the picture. it adds it to you shopping cart and you can "checkout" when you've decided you have enough.
Same as above.
MY FAVORITE. they come fast, and you get fancy envelopes...oh, and you can get 10 per day...and they INVITE you to come back for more samples directions same as the others above
Same as above
The request form is on the main page on the left if you scroll down a little.

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