Sunday, December 16, 2007

Reusable Oceana Chico Bag

The bag is very cute! From the website:
Thanks for your interest in joining one of the world's largest groups of marine advocates – Oceana's WaveMakers. You'll receive email updates and opportunities to push for changes that will help save sea turtles and other ocean creatures.

After you enter your verification code* below and successfully sign up, we'll send you a reusable Oceana Chico Bag, so you can start making a difference for the oceans right away by helping reduce the amount of plastic bag waste. The average American discards hundreds of plastic bags every year. Many of them will end up in the ocean, where hungry sea turtles often mistake them for food.

Oceana Chico Bag

Enter this verification code:

You will need to confirm your email address after signing up, don't forget :)

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