Sunday, April 5, 2009

Free Product Replacement

I've found a few companies that replace defective and/or broken products. Very cool!

Levi's will replace jeans that have defects in them from being worn, such as broken zippers, crotch busted, and the pockets wearing. Call the number below and if you've had the jeans for no more than 2-3 yrs they will replace them. They send you a paid postage tag and a form, You can request a different size or a size larger. They usually arrive in 4-6 weeks and are a brand new pair .
1-800-usa-levi (Note- From further research it seems you need to pay to ship the jeans to them, but they'll ship your new ones at their cost. Also, you can take advantage of this guarantee by returning them to the store but you'll likely need a receipt if you do it that way.)

Microsoft Replaces Worn Mouse(s)
If you have one that needs to be replaced:
Send a letter to the following address :
Microsoft Corporation
PO BOX 1096
Buffalo, NY 14240-1096
OR CALL FREE at 800-360-7561 x 1 . All you will need is a part number.
A service provided by microsoft for all of its products, they send you out a replacement if their hardware (peripherals) dont work!

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