Sunday, April 12, 2009

Daily Freebies April 12, 2009

A reminder today if you are new to my blog- Check out my archives! Occasionally I go through the archives and find freebie offers still available after a year or more.

Text for Free Tote TODAY-
Text the word decree to 467467
They respond - please reply with the first 7 digit number
Reply- 6627411
They respond with thanks - your free tote will shp in 6 to 8 weeks. If they don't already have your info they'll ask for address, phone number.

Slap Energy Drink- Free 16 oz Slap Energy Drink (Arkansas, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, and Oklahoma only).

No Dark Lips
- Sample of product that is supposed to fix dark lips. Seems to be available in multiple countries.

Lisa Hoffman Skin Care
- Free sample product, scroll down to click link.

Accu-Chek Aviva Skins- Free skins for your Accu-Chek blood sugar monitor.

Earthbound Farm Organic- Take the pledge! If you are one of the first 10,000 each week during the month of April you win a free Earthbound Farm Organic reusable shopping tote.

Precious Places DVD
- Mattel is offering a free Precious Places DVD. Click on "order DVD".

Caress Skin Care- Free sample. Scroll down and click on product or "learn more". The next page has a link to the free sample.

Dove- Free sample of Heat Defense or Intense Damage Therapy shampoo. (The offer page says March, but you can still order a sample)

Always- Happy Period Kit that includes free samples. (2 per household)

Aquafresh- Free sample size of toothpaste. Must print out coupon.

DVD- Free DVD of PBS show "To the Contrary", Special on Immigration's impact.

Hallmark- Free personalized greeting card. At checkout, use promo code: TRIAL. select MAIL FOR ME as your sending option. card and stamp are free.You may need to sign up for an online account. This does not require any payment or CC info. This is very cool- you can even add a picture of your own to the card! (US only)

Bumper Sticker-
Free "Kids Shouldn't Smoke" bumper sticker.

BeingGirl Sample Kit-
Sign up now to get free beinggirl Sample Kit. Just fill out the quick survey below to begin! Included in the kit are:2 Regular Tampax Pearl Tampons, 1 Lite Tampax Pearl Tampon, 1 Always Infinity Feminine Pad, 2 Always Pantiliners, and 1 Always Feminine Wipe. Kit comes with free product coupon also. To qualify your birth year must be 1991 or later. Alternate Links- Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

Walmart- Today's Walmart Freebies are: Huggies Pure & Natural Diaper, Nicoderm CQ, Jergens Natural Glow, Eucerin lotion, Gain, Crest Whitestrip, Goodnights, Rachel Ray Nutrish, Always Maxi pads.

Gas-X- Free sample of Gas-X Thin Strips and coupon.

Huggies Pure & Natural- Diaper sample. (USA and Canada)

Jewels Tobacco- Free hookah tobacco sample, must be 21 or older.

Airborne- Sample of Airborne.

Snus- Sample offer with $1. shipping cost.

Metamucil- Sample of Pink Lemonade and Berry Burst.

UnderJams- Sample of Underjams for bed-wetting.

Splenda- Sample includes 2 packets of Splenda no calorie sweetener with fiber.

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