Sunday, March 22, 2009

Free Seeds 2009

Looking for free seeds for your garden? Check out the links below!

Plant Food
- Not seeds, but a free sample of plant food. This is a legit offer, but you'll need to browse the site to get the sample.

Basil Seed- Free pack of basil seeds. Update- Now offering free pack of basil seeds with purchase only.

Bentley Seeds- Free sample. Scroll down to choose what type of seeds you want a sample of and click for the form.

Wildflower Seeds (Georgia only)- To request free seed packets or seed sources, call GDOT communications at (404) 463-6455.

Free Campbell’s Tomato Seeds- Link is on the right. enter Code 1: P8039 and Code 2: U6 and choose any variety.

Winter Sow Seeds- This offer requires you to go through the website (if you don't want to play the games just click next on each page) and at the end of your "tour" you will need to print the page with the seed offer and mail it in with a SASE within 7 days to get your seeds.

Seeds for the Hungry- Free packet of seeds for people willing to share what they grow with the hungry.

Bee-Friendly Wildflowers- Send SASE to:
Häagen-Dazs Saves the Honey Bees Program/Domino
50 San Francisco Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94133

Sunflower Seeds- We'll send sunflower seeds to each participant in our project.

Seeds for Kids- Free seed packets for kids.

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