Wednesday, August 20, 2008

ChaCha Work at Home Update

In a previous post I talked about ChaCha, a company that provides a real work at home opportunity. I thought I'd update you all on how well it has worked for me!

In the beginning, I was averaging $5. an hour. Now I average $8. an hour, and have made up to $13. an hour. The more time I have spent answering queries on ChaCha, the faster and more efficient I've become. I have had no trouble being paid, and since May 2008 I've made over $2,000.! So this is legit.

ChaCha has made some changes to the pay structure, and will likely re-evaluate these changes soon and make new ones. It is a growing company, and this is not to be unexpected.

If you want to apply to work for ChaCha, go to and click on "Become a Guide". When you fill out the form, please enter into the referral box. Also feel free to send me an email at that address to let me know you are signing up, and ask for any help you need. I'm happy to assist you in becoming a successful ChaCha Guide!

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