Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ChaCha- Work from home to make real money!

I recently learned about ChaCha from my brother. He said to get right on it, and I dragged my feet thinking this was just another online work from home scam. Once I got signed up and accepted as a Guide, I learned different! I started almost a month ago, and have made about $600. I have also been paid! This is not a scam or scheme- it is for real! Here is a breakdown-

About ChaCha-
This company is basically a human-powered search engine. They have been around since 2006 and their first idea didn't really take off- doing searches from regular internet users by having them ask questions through their website. Once folks are online, they can Google for themselves. This year they came up with a new plan that is brilliant. They do searches for mobile phone (cell phone) users who either call or text a question. The answer is found by a real, live, ChaCha Guide and sent back to the user by text message!

Being a Guide-
As a ChaCha Guide, I sign into my ChaCha Guide account at my home computer and wait for a question. I hear a ding-dong to signal a question, I hit the accept button, and read the question. I then find the answer, type it out, and hit send. Most questions take me less than 2 minutes to complete. I get paid for each answer I provide.

How I got started-
I signed up, using my brother as my referrer. I first had to take 3 short tests that tested my typing ability and a couple other things. After that, I filled out my tax information (ChaCha Guides are Independent Contractors and ChaCha files a 1099 with the IRS). I then checked out the forums, studied the material I was asked to study, and took my simulator test. About 24 hours later I got an email from ChaCha saying I was accepted as a Guide and could log in to take questions right away.

ChaCha Text Guides are paid 20 cents per answer. I average $5. an hour, though many Guides make more than I do, and some less. It mostly depends on the traffic. Most of the time it is steady, and when it is slow I use the time to check and send email, watch videos on WebridesTV (which gives me points toward Amazon GC's), and check my forums. ChaCha offers two payment options- Monthly Direct Deposit into your checking account, or a Pay Me Now option where you get an account at the First Internet Bank of Indiana. With that account you get a Debit Card so you can withdraw your money at any ATM or use it at the store like any debit card. I chose the second option. It took less than two weeks to get it all set up and get my card, and my first withdrawal was for $330.

How you can be a ChaCha Guide!
Follow this link to ChaCha's Become a Guide page and sign up! Use me as your referrer- I have noticed more Guides get accepted if they are referred. Also, feel free to email me for more information or help getting started. This is my referral and contact email for Chacha-

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ChaCha is a great company to work for and I wanted to tell you about They are an unofficial forum dedicated only to chacha and there are tons of resources and help there. You can talk to other guides learn tips and tricks to work better and faster and complete FAQs for almost everything ChaCha! Plus you dont have to deal with the pressure of the official forums. Feel free to check us out and tell your friends about it. Its a perferct place for anyone looking to start with chacha to come too. We have everything the need there to help them get started from the first intial application and throughout their job if they are hired!