Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Text for Freebies!

Now you can use your cell phone to text for freebies! If your cell phone company charges you a per text fee, that will still be charged. If you have unlimited texts or a text plan where you aren't charged per text, it is completely free!

Coupon for Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup
text TLC to 467467

Free Tampax Pearl Sample
text PEARL to 467467

Coupon for a free bottle of V8 V-Fusion Juice (46 oz.)
text FUSION to 467467

Free Matte Chance Lotion Sample & Magalog
text CHANCE to 467467

Free Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix sample
text CHEXMIX to 467467

Free Tide Total Care sample
text Tide and your mailing address to 74625

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