Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today's Freebies July 1, 2008

Ok, freebies are back! Here are today's freebies!

Walmart- Today's Walmart freebies include: Serenity Pads, Huggies Diapers, Nivea (men) shaving cream, Créme Serum by Frizz-Ease, Benefiber Fiber Supplement, Ponds Towelette.

Army Wives TV Viewing Kit- I'm not sure what they will send, but they say some kits will include an Army Wives DVD!

Clif Bar- We’ll send you a CLIF BAR Training kit. It’s got samples for your mouth and training tips for your brain.

Attune Bar- Free bar, first 100 daily. They are in California (pacific time) so try right after midnight!

KFC Gift Checks- Now through July 4, visit kfc.com each day to verify the high temperature for Hell, Michigan. At 3 p.m. ET each day, the high temperature for Hell, MI will be posted on this Web page. If your town is "Hotter than Hell," enter your information for a chance to receive $3 in KFC gift checks to try KFC's Hot Wings! NOTE: First 500 people each day will win. So enter at 3pm ET! Keyword: Kentucky Fried Chicken

Planet Heroes DVD- Sign up for a free Planet Heroes Ace in Space DVD! The DVD and shipping are free for U.S. residents! Scroll down a bit, the free DVD offer is on a yellow button.

Kinderstart Magnet- Fill out the short survey (only 1 page, 13 questions) and they'll send you a free Kinderstart Magnet!

Gusto T-Shirt- How to get your free T-shirt: Sign up for a free Gusto! account. Complete 3 reviews of your favorite places. Reviews should be approximately fifty (50) words each, and must be approved by our editors. Send us an email (tshirts@gustonians.com) with your address and T-shirt size after your reviews have been approved.

Playtex Drop-Ins-
We are offering free samples of the Playtex®
Drop-Ins® Original Nurser System, which are BPA-free.

To Go Brands- Free sample! For sample, click here. For To Go Brands home page, click here.

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