Saturday, March 21, 2009

Religious Freebies 2009

I will list all religious freebies here and categorize by religion. I'll update this post as I find more.
Note- Offers that are for a specific denomination will be listed under that denomination rather than the generic "Christian".


Book- Free copy of "The Beast- Who will Worship it?" (32 pages).

Bumper Sticker- Free "Not I, But Christ" bumper sticker.

The AntiChrist- Voice of Elijah is offering a free booklet titled "The AntiChrist".

How to Study the Bible- Free booklet.

Our Daily Bread
- Free daily devotionals sample. (US and Canada)

Partners in Grace- We will send you a free copy of Peter’s new book ‘Partners in Grace’ (e-book will be sent for those outside North America).

The Dove- Free daily devotional "The Word for you Today".

Christian Music Downloads- Free and legal Christian music downloads.

Bible Bookmarks for Kids
- They accept orders from churches only, not individuals.

Disability Awareness- The sample packet includes one of each of the following:
  • John 10:10 "Full Life" Poster
  • Adult Bible Study
  • Youth Bible Study
  • Bulletin Insert
  • Sermon Outline
  • Litany
Holy Land Cup- To receive this offer without making a contribution today please call 1-714-971-4000 or write to: Crystal Cathedral Ministries, PO Box 100, Chapman Ave., Garden Grove, CA 92842.

My Bible First- Children's materials. If you're interested in free samples, please call our office at 877-242-5317.

"Jesus First" Pin- Visit the website for how to request the pin. This is a snail-mail offer by Jerry Falwell Ministries.

Free Salvation Materials
- Scroll to the bottom of the page to order. They will send sermon tapes, gospel tracts, bible study guides. They will also send you a KJV Bible if you are in need. If you need materials in languages other than English, contact them as I understand they can help with that.

Tortured for Christ- Free book.


Fatima Holy Water- Request free Fatima Holy Water. (US and Canada, maybe others)

Contraception: Why Not?
- Free CD

Miraculous Medal
- Fill out a short survey for a free Miraculous Medal.

Free Brown Scapular

Catholic Sacramentals-
Get a free rosary, scapular, and miraculous medal.

Jehovah's Witness:

Request a Visit- Jehovah's Witnesses have a number of publications, including a bible, bible study guides, and magazines they offer for free. You can ask the people who visit you what is available. These are free.


Request a Shalom Baltimore Welcome Kit

Click here or call 410-466-INFO (4636) to receive a free Shalom Baltimore Welcome Kit sent courtesy of Jewish Information Referral Service (JIRS).

Passover Poster-
Free passover poster.


Consistent Life Ethic Bumper Sticker- Send an email for the free bumper sticker.

CD and Booklet- Pro-Choice Exposed.

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